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God did not create you to run the world but He did equip you to run in your purpose."

   Pamela Lue-Hing 


      ​Your all-in-one coaching & entrepreneurship guide:

  • Strategic planning to get clear on your vision, mission & goals with special attention to self-care

  • Assessments to determine where you are and where you need to be

  • 242 beautifully designed high quality pages includes a 52 page step by step guide to help you figure out what works best for your life and business

  • A planner, calendar, success tips & resource guide all in one place


  • Time management, business development tips, marketing ideas and revenue generating strategies all in one place



 Maximize each day, optimize your performance and bring harmony to your life.   


    You will have a coach at your fingertips


    Get the confidence and inspiration you need & take the guess work out of how to make your vision and dreams come to life


    Remove the frustration out of having everything everywhere

  • GET FOCUSED:  No more struggling to figure out what to do next - Stay focused, Stay productive and Stay in touch with you


    Relieve the stress with a tool to help you determine the best decision for every goal you make


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Coach University



1 Full Digital Planner

Coaching Guide

Group Training


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Standard Customization


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Sell to your Customers 

1 Design Team  Meeting

Contact Information Page

Personalized Letter

Cover Page Picture Replacement

3 Brand Colors

Resource Section Edits

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Platinum Customization


License Personalize Planner &

Sell to your Customers 

2 Design Team  Meetings

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Insertion of Business Specific Offers

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3 Brand Colors

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1 Digital  & 1 Physical Copy

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Affiliate Compensation for the Powerhouse Woman in Motion 2021 Ultimate Planning System for your Life & Business:

1 - 19 Planning Systems Purchased with your code = 15%

20 Planning Systems Purchased with your code = 20%





"The Powerhouse in Motion 2020 Vision Planner has everything you could ever want and MORE.  You just have to open it and use it.  Even if you don’t know how, there’s a guide inside to help you.  I may not have done EVERYTHING suggested in this year’s planner, but thanks to the planner, I know that “Everyone makes mistakes – you don’t have to stay there.”  Here’s to making the next right move for me, my book and my business and looking forward to the Powerhouse Woman in Motion 2021 Vision Planner."

Vivian King

Author & Founder

Vivian L. King Connections, LLC

"My Powerhouse in Motion Vision 2021 Planner got me set up right and helped me figure it out.  Its’ value is easily over $200.  Based on the quality of Coach P’s other courses, I knew this was going to be good and she did not disappoint.  It’s so much more than a planner.  It’s a time management tool and a strategic guide for entrepreneurs.  I don’t know another planner on earth that does this.."




Dee Bannister-Woolridge


Heart Centered Institute

"I am loving my Powerhouse Woman In Motion 2020 Vision Planner. This gem keeps me organized effectively and efficiently making big boss moves. Thank you for this work of heart!"










BethAny Freimuth


"Your planner helps me prioritize my goals every day.  It inspires me to do my best and helps me create the vision I know I need to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend it and am proud to have it on my desk."


Margi Kyle

Executive Director, We Make Color Easy

Founder, Little Smiles, Charlotte,

NC Chapter



"This is not your usual planner!

It's for the woman with a vision and helps you to plan, prioritize and pursue your goals!"






Daphne Johnson


at Daphne's Jewelry Box


"My planner helps me stay disciplined and focused. It's filled with quotes, scriptures, prayers, positive affirmations and intentional reflections. It has been my cheerleader and instrumental in helping me reach my goals

this year."


Ebony Jones




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